Acute Pain Service

Community Anesthesia Associates acute pain service

The acute pain service at both Community Hospital North and Community Hospital East helps to ensure patient comfort after surgery. The team provides services for patients undergoing a wide variety of surgical procedures and is personally involved in managing patients’ pain throughout their hospital visit.

Using the advanced regional anesthesia technique, combined with a multimodal approach to pain medicine, we are able to manage post-operative pain while maintaining an emphasis on opiate reduction and patient safety.

Cardiovascular Procedures

Community Anesthesia Associates cardiovascular procedures

Community Anesthesia Associates has a small team of board certified anesthesiologists dedicated to providing the highest level of care to their patients undergoing complex cardiovascular procedures. Although the majority of CV procedures take place at the Community Heart and Vascular Hospital, the CAA team also provides care to other locations.

This team is experienced in the perioperative care of patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass procedures (including routine CABG, complex open valvular repairs, open repairs of the ascending aorta, and ventricular assist device placement), various vascular procedures (both open endovascular), innovative percutaneous valve repair and replacement (including TAVR and Mitraclip), and complex cath lab and electrophysiology lab cases (from ablations to Watchman placement).

Obstetric (Childbirth) Anesthesia

Community Anesthesia Associates obstetric childbirth anesthesia

Our obstetric anesthesia team provides coverage for the Community Health Network obstetric units at Howard Regional Hospital, Community Hospital East, and Community Hospital North, where more babies are delivered annually than at any other hospital in the state.

We serve all patient populations from routine labor to complex high-risk pregnancies and deliveries. Our team utilizes the most current techniques, strategies, and medications to maximize maternal comfort and satisfaction while continuing to focus on the safety for both mother and baby.

Pediatric Anesthesia

Community Anesthesia Associates pediatric anesthesia

At Community Health Network, we pride ourselves on the care we provide for our pediatric patients. We have pediatric anesthesiologists, including fellowship trained pediatric anesthesiologists, who are experts in taking care of children.

Our physicians are capable of providing care for the most complex patients including preterm infants, newborns, and young children. Areas in which we provide anesthesia include: general surgery, radiology (MRI, CT, IR), ENT, orthopedics, dentistry, and GI procedures. We understand the anxiety that both our pediatric patients and their parents may feel when they are having a medical procedure and believe our expert care will help ease your worries.

Ambulatory Surgery

Community Anesthesia Associates ambulatory surgery anesthesia

The growing trend of outpatient surgery continues to surge in the United States. Today, there are more than 5500 Medicare Accredited Ambulatory Surgery Centers across the nation. It’s more than likely, if you need surgery, that it will be performed on an outpatient basis. While hospitals are ideal for complex surgical procedures which require lengthy and extensive care after surgery, Surgery Centers are ideal places, which cater to the specific needs of the most common surgical procedures.

Anesthesiologists have played an integral role in this growing trend toward outpatient surgical services. As anesthesiologists who specialize in outpatient anesthesia, we are trained to efficiently prepare patients for surgery within a very short time-period. The anesthesiologist will continue this care throughout the surgical procedure with techniques that allow for a rapid recovery. This rapid recovery prevents a lengthy stay in a hospital and makes possible a full recovery in the comfort of a patient’s home.